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Surely, few people can delight in the simple task of collecting the mail as do residents of Elk Meadows. This was the scene at the County Road 5A turn in mid April.

February Board of Directors

meeting minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Owners Association of Elk Meadows

February 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by Jim Wing.

A. Opening

1. Roll Call

Board Members: Jim Wing President, Jim Sidwell 1st Vice President (electronically), Jim Stephenson 2nd Vice President, Scott Withrow Treasurer, and Maggie Guscott Secretary.

Guests: MaryBeth Davis; Gail and Bob Sprentall (members).

2. Call for items:

i. Jim Wing asked that a non-discrimination clause be discussed.

3. Open Forum:

Gail Sprentall asked about (i) the timeliness of website updates; and (ii) the status of decision on the idea of a memorial park for members who have passed away.

MaryBeth Davis recommended that all email communication should have a confidentiality paragraph appended.

B. Formal Approval

1. January board meeting minutes

Motion to approve minutes as submitted: Jim Wing; seconded: Scott Withrow; motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read, discussion as follows:

1. Member contact information: Scott Withrow suggested that the board email the annual request for updates to be sent out in October rather than waiting until the budget is ready.

2. Financial highlights: Scott Withrow reported that the association is currently about $20,000 in arrears, however the goal is to collect the majority of this by the end of February. He added that the hardship policy will enable him to back up notification of homeowners with regulations regarding dues owed. He also reported that income is $360 short of budget, and expenses are $6,500 under budget.

3. Dues discount: Scott suggested consideration be given to homeowners who pay annually or semi-annually in light of the fact that the association benefits from such payments before they are applied. This item will be further discussed at a later board meeting.

4. Overage: Jim Wing stated that the association has accumulated (under spent income) over the past two years an amount of $39,000. Gail Callahan will give the board a detailed breakdown of the monies in order that the board can decide on where these monies should be held for the best benefit to the association.

5. Scott answered a question from Gail Sprentall about the nature of the association’s I/E system being an accrual or a cash flow system.

D. Policy Book Discussion, which covered rules and regulations proposed at the January board meeting and possible additional ones, as follows:

3. R & R proposed at the January meeting:

(a) Financial Hardship: Jim Sidwell stated that this policy is complete and needs only feedback from the board, which he requested by Friday February 15th.

(b) Renters: Action: Scott Withrow and Maggie Guscott will take responsibility for this policy.

(c) Construction: Action: Jim Stephenson has drafted the main ideas of this policy and will take responsibility for its completion.

(d) Lot Combination: Jim Sidwell stated that this policy already exists, being written and approved in 2013.

(e) Lot Appearance: Jim Wing reported that we await Mike Hockersmith’s advice as to whether this should be a policy or a covenant.

(f) Use of Recreational Vehicles: Action: Jim Stephenson will take responsibility for this policy.

(g) Tap Fees: This ruling was approved in 2010 under the title of Article VIII, Section 8.

(h) Process for Hiring: Action: Scott Withrow will take responsibility for this policy.

(i) Fire Evacuation: Action: Maggie Guscott will take responsibility for this policy.

(j) Dogs: Action: Maggie Guscott will take responsibility for this policy.

4. New R & R Proposals: Four more policies were discussed as follows:

(a) Fiduciary Responsibilities of the association (board and homeowners)

(b) Duties of Committees

(c) Board Calendar of Actions

(d) Fee structure.

5. Further discussion resulted in decisions to

Present these policies to the association membership via email, newsletter, and website (i.e., not by hardcopy unless he recipient does not have email).

Allow homeowners enough time to read, digest, and provide feedback about the policies, after which feedback can be compiled into meaningful updates to the policies as they stand.

E. Long Term Renters

Action: Scott offered to check on known and other homeowners who might be renting their properties long-term, so that reliable contact information can be compiled for use in emergency situations, etc. Gail suggested that rules associated with maintaining renter information be incorporated into the renter policy mentioned above (D3b).

F. Newsletter Articles

1. Scott will submit an article on the collection policy to emphasize the new payment due date.

2. Jim Stephenson will write an article regarding the use of recreational vehicles in the development.

G. Annual Meeting

Action: Jim Wing will check with Top of the Pines regarding possible road maintenance and other facility readiness actions that we would like to have happen before we commit to use that facility for the annual meeting.

H. Requests from the Sprentalls about

The policy regarding forwarding of homeowner emails, Jim Wing stated that by state law a board cannot give out or forward homeowner information. Gail S. stated that they (the Sprentalls) wanted to encourage other homeowners to get involved in developing the new policies, to which MaryBeth made the suggestion that homeowners should contact the board with their thoughts and ideas.

MaryBeth also took the opportunity to recognize Jim Wing’s work on the policy book, adding that it was certainly a “yeoman effort.”

Removal of gate on Aspen Drive, Jim Wing stated that this will not happen.

Implementation of e-billing practices, which Jim Sidwell reminded the board we had paid QuickWater to provide, but with no success. Bob S. suggested that the board poll homeowners as to whether they would like e-billing, and then act accordingly.

Action: Scott will investigate other software package alternatives, as well as talking with QuickWater about possible upgrades.

Procedures for making changes to the newly approved policies. MaryBeth made the suggestion to create a committee of past presidents for such work, which the board acknowledged. Also, per D5(ii) above, to allow time for homeowner feedback.

I, J. Other Discussion:

Jim Wing mentioned that because of our loan with the USDA, they require us to post a copy of the Non-Discrimination Statement in our office, on all materials produced for public information, public education, and public distribution both print and non-print.  In short the statement is: "Owners’ Association of Elk Meadows Estates, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

K. Executive Session to discuss communication from the association’s legal council concerning a second letter received from an EMHOA member’s attorney. Returning to the regular board meeting,

Motion to advise Mike Hockersmith that the board sees no purpose in a meeting as currently proposed: Jim Wing; all approved; motion passed.

L. Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting of the board is scheduled for March 11, 2014 at 6:30pm at the Wing’s house.

Signed by secretary, Maggie Guscott


Thank you for visiting our website. Elk Meadows Estates is an unincorporated subdivision six miles south of — and nearly 2,000 feet higher than — Ridgway, in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Situated on Miller Mesa at an elevation of 8,800 feet, Elk Meadows contains about 125 residential lots, the majority of which average about an acre in size. To date, about 85 homes have been built in the 40 years of the subdivision's existence.

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