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A unique, high-elevation community set in the shadow of Mt. Sneffels.

June Board of Directors

meeting minutes

Board Meeting Minutes V3

Owners Association of Elk Meadows

June 10, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 5:15pm by Jim Wing.

A. Opening

1. Roll Call

Board Members: Jim Wing President, Jim Sidwell 1st Vice President, Jim Stephenson 2nd Vice President, Scott Withrow Treasurer, and Maggie Guscott Secretary.

Guests: None.

Recording of Meetings: After discussion,

Motion was made as follows: Any audio or video recording of meetings is solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Any such recording is for the sole use of the Board and will not be distributed. Further, such recordings will be erased after the minutes are approved by the Board.

Motion made by Jim Stephenson; seconded: Jim Sidwell; motion passed unanimously.

Call for items from board members:

Jim Sidwell asked that one item, his parting comments to the board, be placed on the agenda.

4. Open Forum:


B. Discussion on BOD Minutes and Vote

After discussion,

Motion was made as follows: The minutes of all Board of Directors meetings belong to the Board of Directors for the sole purpose of keeping a record of its own process through motions, decisions, and actions. It is entirely up to the Board as to what shall be, or shall not be included in the Board’s minutes.

Motion made by Scott Withrow; seconded: Jim Sidwell; motion passed unanimously.

C. Formal Approval

1. April board meeting minutes

Motion to approve minutes: Jim Wing; seconded: Jim Sidwell; motion passed.

May board meeting minutes

Motion to approve minutes with minor correction: Jim Wing; seconded: Scott Withrow; motion passed.

Steps used in the Dispute Resolution at Annual Meeting

Motion to approve steps as written: Jim Wing; seconded: Jim Stephenson; motion passed.

Grading Roads.

After discussion, the following decisions were made, for immediate implementation:

Motion to contract Jonathan Discoe for grading roads and cleaning ditches as proposed, estimated 2 days (cost: $4,410): Jim Wing; seconded: Jim Stephenson; motion passed.

Motion to contract Jonathan Discoe for up to 24 loads of road base as proposed (cost: up to $4,800): Jim Wing; seconded: Jim Stephenson; motion passed.

Action: Jim Stephenson will contact Jim Hayford regarding the best strategy for flushing out culverts.

D. Treasurer’s Report was accepted as submitted, discussion as follows:

Scott stated that the main concern remains accounts in arrears, in regards to which he provided an update on particular accounts and their payment activity. He asked for board comment on a draft letter to such accounts.

Action: Scott will get legal clarification as to details of lien action on properties.


E. Sewer/Water

1. Jim Wing reported for Dan Barteshius that the system to be functioning satisfactorally.

2. Regarding the sewer blockage problem that happen recently,

Action: Jim Stephenson will talk with Jim Hayford regarding the best way to correct the source of this problem.

F. Roads

Resulting from the decision to establish a committee to work on the road issues, Jonathan Discoe and Guy Poulin have offered to be members of same. In addition,

Action: Jim Wing will approach other members of the association who might be interested as a third member.

G. Tree Removal/Contract

Jim Wing reported that

1. Colin Justman’s team has so far removed 4 semi loads of trees.

2. In light of recent committee resignations, the board will manage the project to completion.

3. Austin Shelby, from the Forest Service, suggested waiting for the current phase to be completed before moving ahead with the second phase of clearing of individual lots of all combustible materials.

H. Annual Meeting

1. In regards to an evacuation plan discussed at the 2013 Annual meeting, Action: Jim Stephenson will talk with Jim Hayford regarding a siren to alert residents and renters of an emergency;

Action: The evacuation route will to be provided for Annual Meeting handout.

I-K. Other topics tabled from Previous Board Meetings; Items from A3; For the Good of Elk Meadows

1. Jim Sidwell proposed a policy for emergency expenditures as follows: In order to expedite and simplify approval of emergency expenditures: any two members of the board have the authority to designate a problem to be an emergency and to take action and expend funds up to $1000 to handle the emergency. Such approval and expenditure information will be transmitted to the board.

Motion made by Jim Sidwell; seconded Scott Withrow; motion passed.

2. Construction regulations: Jim Stephenson discussed his proposal for a set of rules and regulations related to construction, and will send an edited document to the board per discussion at this meeting for electronic vote by the board.

3. Board of Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities: Jim Wing shared his recommendation for the completion of this document to include the responsibilities of the board in terms of care, loyalty, and obedience. This will be added to the current officer duties document which covers the individual roles of each member of the board.

4. Schedule of fees: A first draft of a fees document was discussed in terms of listing the fees and/or charges made by the association for the various services or tasks of the association.

5. The board reviewed Jim Sidwell’s parting comments.

L. Executive Session

The Board went into Executive Session per Conduct of Meetings Policy, paragraph 5, item c, to review and discuss information from the association’s legal counsel. Upon returning from Executive Session,

Action: Jim Wing will talk with Mike Hockersmith about the board’s response to his letter to the Sprentall’s legal counsel.

M. Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regular monthly meeting of the board will be scheduled following the Annual Meeting.

Signed by secretary, Maggie Guscott


Thank you for visiting our website. Elk Meadows Estates is an unincorporated subdivision six miles south of — and nearly 2,000 feet higher than — Ridgway, in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Situated on Miller Mesa at an elevation of 8,800 feet, Elk Meadows contains about 125 residential lots, the majority of which average about an acre in size. To date, about 85 homes have been built in the 40 years of the subdivision's existence.

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