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2020 Annual Meeting

July 11, 2020 @ 9am via Zoom


These are the documents that were mailed out:

            Cover Letter


            Proxy Appointment

            Contact Information update

            2021 Budget


Presentations and other documents posted on the web here include:

            Board Letter

            Treasurer’s Report and Reserve Budgets

            Board Decision re. Professional Management Recommendation


2020 Annual Meeting minutes (draft) are attached here.

  1. A quorum was reached with 48 members in attendance either via Zoom, by phone, or by proxy.

  2. Candidates Sebastian Wicklein (lot 207) and Edward Kemper (lot 406) were voted onto the Board.
    Thus the 2020-2021 Board is: 


  • ​Edward Kemper (lot 406)

  • Kim Stagg (lot 304)

  • Maggie Guscott (lot 305)

  • Sebastian Wicklein (lot 207)

  • ​Stephanie Kissner (lot 428)

  3. 2021 Budget was approved.


The Board sincerely thanks resigning Board members Belinda Chisholm and Scott Alamprese, all committees for their work over the past year, and volunteers who have taken on specific projects. We also thank our webmistress, Kristi Martin, and our attorney, David Graf, for making this annual meeting on Zoom possible.

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