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HOA Committees


The many owners who participate on our committees are a major reason for the continued success of our Association. These volunteers strengthen the Association, improve the community, and make it a better place for everyone.


All Elk Meadows Owners are encouraged to serve on a committee where your specific expertise can be utilized.


Committees are chosen by the board and serve at the pleasure of the board to assist and advise the board in a given area of responsibility.


The board has the responsibility to provide a clear job description that outlines all tasks and expectations of the committee. There are two types of committees that work with the Board of Directors: 1) Standing, which exists indefinitely or until the board decides their purpose is no longer needed, and 2) Ad hoc, which are formed for a specific purpose which, once accomplished, terminates the need for the committee.


Whether a committee is standing or ad hoc, both have similar duties which include:

  • Scheduling meetings at the discretion of the committee,

  • Choosing its chairperson

  • Designating a person on the committee to take minutes so that the committee has a record of what was accomplished to date or planned for the future

  • Accomplishing the assigned tasks to the best of their ability

  • Providing reports to the board in writing at least seven days before the regularly-scheduled board meeting


Each member of a recognized committee is covered by the Association’s D&O policy for all authorized committee related activities.

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