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Tree Conservation

Tree Conservation 2023

Our Elk Meadows, HOA treated the Ponderosa and Douglas fir in our green space in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2019 - 2022 only the Douglas firs were treated.

The Conservation Committee hiked with the neighboring ranch land manager around the area north of our subdivision, and observed that 800 Ponderosa pines had been cut because they were diseased from the beetle, seeing the blue green stain on the stumps.  It is recommended that all Ponderosa pines be treated with the pheromone packets, about $8.00 each.

Also, it is recommended that the Douglas firs be treated with the MCH packets, about $3.00 each.

It is quite simple for each homeowner to do. All you do is tack the packet up on the north side of the tree about 6 feet up.  Douglas fir should be treated in the late spring when the temperature reaches about 65° and the Ponderosa pine should be treated in July.

Packets can be obtained from:
Synergy Semiochemicals Corp
Box 50008,
South Slope RPO
Burnaby, BC V5J5G3
604–4 54–1122




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