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Tree Conservation

Our association treated the Ponderosa and Douglas Fir in our green space in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.  In 2019 only the firs were treated. The following is a letter to the community from our Conservation Committee regarding the plans for 2020.  

Dear Elk Meadows Neighbors,


The Conservation Committee has organized and been approved for the MCH bubbles to go on the Douglas Firs in the EM green spaces. The advice from our CSU Forestry expert is that EM still should treat with the MCH bubbles this year. He has included an EM map with CSU satellite data on the areas with firs at risk. If you are an owner of any of the lots in orange on the map, he’s urging you to place MCH bubbles on your firs this year. The near drought conditions of 2018 did add stress to the trees which makes them vulnerable.



The CC is not offering a bulk buy of bubbles or placement on trees this year. If you would like to order MCH bubbles and put them on your trees you can order from the following vendor at a cost of approximately $3 per bubble: 


Synergy Semiochemicals Corp                         

Box 50008, South Slope RPO

Burnaby, BC V5J5G3




Another source:


The recommendation is to order early so that they arrive before you need to apply. Keep in your freezer until late spring and then apply according to included instructions.

For further information about other tree diseases such as Sudden Aspen Decline or SAD please refer to the EM website.

Your Elk Meadows Conservation Committee Synergy Semiochemicals. Call 604-454-1122 to request a quote
or email to request a quote   Verbenone & MCH Express a Horizon Company 

Verbenon Pouches for Pondersa  -minimum order 5 pouches approx $8.65

MCH caps for Spruces/Firs -minimum order 10 caps approx $2.65/cap   Forestry Distributing ISCA Verbenon Formerly Contech

Verbenone Pouches for Ponderosa- minimum order 10 pouches approx $8.65

MCH caps for Spruces/Firs - minimum order 10 caps approx $24.99




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