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July 12, 2022 @ 6:30pm Mountain Time

The following items were mailed out for the annual meeting.

     The following documents can be found below:

2022 Annual meeting minutes (draft) attached here

  1.  A quorum was reached with 69.5 properties represented (in person via Zoom and by proxy).

  2.  Discussion over our water resources resulted in a committee being formed to look into the facts and recommend a   plan of action / management.

  3.  The three propositions did not receive a majority vote to proceed further.

  4.  Volunteer Willy Krois was approved for the new Board.  (The Board also thanks Tim Beene for volunteering if   necessary.) The 2022-2023 Board is    Maggie Guscott (lot 305),  Edward Kemper (lot 406),  Stephanie Kissner (lot   428),  Willy Krois (lot 224, 225, 14),  Andrew Temple (lot 23).

  5.  The 2023 Budget was approved.

The Board sincerely thanks everyone who helped this past year be the success that it was.

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