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Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are a danger to our environment, wildlife, domestic animals and our economy. These species cost millions of dollars per year in damages to the environment and maintenance costs. Eliminating these invaders is easier the earlier they are identified.


Why should invasive species be eliminated?  

Please see Ouray County's Website for more information.

For a list os Ouray County's Weeds:

Here are a couple of weeds that we see here in Elk Meadows....there are others as well.

MULLEIN - It is safe to say that at the least the seed heads of these plants should be cut off and thrown away.  They can be pulled up by the roots as well, but that is harder.  Mullein has 100,000 seeds that last hundreds of years.














SALISIFY - It also has 1000s of seeds. If one cuts off the seed head before they all blow away that helps.

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